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Posted by on Nov 30, 2015

Fall Assembly Recap

Fall Assembly Recap

If you missed the fall assembly, then you truly missed out on a time of wonderful gathering.  Friday night worship was an amazing time of diversity in culture and ministry.  Talks were given in three areas regarding the following:  Humanizing Palestinians, Working with Millennials, and a charge for churches to start getting creative with feeding people.  These talks were spread out with music and singing from a variety of styles and ethnic variety.  We saw congregations that are connecting on different levels with those that are not like themselves.  It was simply beautiful to engage in this variety that God has made us.  The audio from that night can be found on Franconia Conference’s Website.

On Saturday was another joint time together in the morning.  It was a time to acknowledge Warren, and later during our EDC only business session a time of reflection was had by all on Warren’s years of service for EDC.  Discussion in the business session focused around the forward steps of EDC.  All items were voted on and passed.   The work of the re-visioning team was well received and a restructuring time and building up of the conference will be in full swing.  Stay tuned to the  how the Conference is going to be shaping and building your church up!

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